The Harland diaspora
  1. The Public Record Office Northern Ireland (PRONI) provides an invaluable source of records for the concerned genealogist. The Personal Names Index (PNI) is particularly important.
  2. Battle of Kinsale 1601 -  v.
  3. Flight of the Earls By John McCavitt, Gill & Macmillan, Dublin (1985). See also:    “The story of the Flight of the Earls is a tale of epic proportions, an enthralling and momentous episode in the history of Ireland that has lost none of its drama and appeal in the passage of time”.
  4. Brownlow Derry of Lurgan - from, Seagoe, Diocese of Dromore: a Parish History by Francis Xavier McCorry (1987). Published by Portadown/Seagoe RC Parish
  5. ‘The Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children – a History 1948–1998’ by Harold Love, published by Blackstaff Press Belfast 1998 (pages 101, 102, 114, 137, 186 refer to Wallace Harland).
  6. Two family bibles. The first printed in 1714, and the second in 1878.  In 2008, they  are in the possession of Dr. Robin Harland (1926).
  7.  ‘History and Genealogy of  the Harlan Family*.  Reprint published to celebrate the tercentennial of the Harlan arrival in America; Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1991. This was an annotated reprint of Alpheus Harlan's  ‘History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family; particularly of the descendants of George and Michael Harlan, who settled in Chester County, PA., 1687. Published Baltimore, 1914. The original writing was also reported by Sanford Harlan in his pamphlet (printed in USA, circa 1964)   -  In  Hare Land – A short history of one branch of the Harlan family 1625 – 1962.
  8. Epworth  -   Google “Epworth England” for map, tourist details etc.
  9. Portadown -  in ‘Methodism in Portadown’ by William J. Green. Published by Nelson & Knox, Belfast, 1960 p9.v. also John Wesley’s Journal of Friday 10 April 1767.
  10. Newry Canal
  11. Bessbrook - Google Bessbrook for map; and many good sites.
  12. Website of the American Harlan(s) clan  - - john H. Harland’s recent (2007) article on the Harlan website.  http://www.harlanfamily.orhInterlude.htmg/Iris
  13. ‘Song for Dermod’  by Steve Barnett.  Dedicated to the memory of Dermod Harland  Performed by the Ulster Youth Jazz Orchestra under the direction of  Mr. Ken Jordan  
  14. Five musicians held a gig at the Belfast Boat Cub  on 30 October 1996,  Four were local jazzmen  - Charlie Burton (drums), Jim  Doherty (piano), Alan Niblock (bass) and Dermod Harland  (tenor sax). They were joined by George MASSO (trombone) from the USA, who introduced the programme.    
  15. Crowther M. Anne, & White, Brenda.  “On Soul or Conscience - the Medical Expert and Crime”: 150 years of  Forensic Medicine in Glasgow . Published by Aberdeen University Press 1988.