The Harland diaspora

Your many friends in Bessbrook and its neighbourhood, having recently learned of your nomination to the magistry of Co.  Down, desire to give you their heartiest congratulations on your appointment to this important position which you are so well qualified to adorn. You have already served for fifteen years as a magistrate of your native County, and the further extension of your judicial duties is due to the confidence you inspire in your fellow townsmen of all creeds and classes who petitioned that you should be made a member of the Newry Bench. We believe you will discharge your new duties with the zeal and fidelity you have always shown in all your undertakings.

In addition to congratulating you on your recent appointment, we are anxious to assure you that your fellow-citizens are most grateful to you for the valuable service you have constantly rendered them. In ways too numerous to mention you have placed many under lasting obligations. Your service to the State during the war was especially important; you attended the dependents of the soldiers with untiring energy, and gave three sons to the armies who were raised to destroy the German menace to the liberty of the world.

In asking you to accept a little gift we make the request in the hope that it will remind you of the esteem and affection in which you are held on account of your upright conduct, cultivated mind, and courteous demeanour.  In all your work you have been always assisted and frequently inspired by Mrs. Harland and therefore we beg to associate her with you in our congratulations


Signed on behalf of the subscribers

         Henry Todd                                                Henry Dinsmore

                   Rector of Bessbrook                                 Presbyterian Minister of Bessbrook



(Note: There isn’t any record of the nature of ‘little gift’ referred to in this address.)


An Address and Presentation to John Harland Esq. JP