The Harland diaspora
John Wells (Jack) Harland
b. 25 May 1915 Brisbane
m. 13 October 1945
d.  4 May 1985

Jack went to Indooroopilly State School and won a scholarship to the selective entry Brisbane State Boys High School.  He did Year 7 and Year 8 and was Dux (head student) of the Merit Year (Year 8) there. He was forced to leave school, because of the Depression, for he was expected to help support the family and to keep his younger sister in school. However, because he was very bright he always had an acute interest in current affairs. He resumed his studies at evening school after returning from the war, when he also married Lesley.   They led a simple but happy life and did not travel overseas until 1973 when they visited his daughter Pam (1946) and her husband Mal (1945) in Vancouver.

At Tobruk, North Africa

Jack worked for the Australian Postal Service in the State of Victoria and for its co-operative the Australian Postal Institute.  He was its Honorary Treasurer for many years and helped it develop from a small social club to a million dollar operation with discount stores for members; holiday homes; a credit union; sporting organisations etc.  It was the main reason he received his BEM in the Queen’s Honours List.


Jack kept up the commitment to writing ‘home’, writing every week to Aunt Elinor (1895) and he also maintained a vigorous correspondence with his Aunt Lilla (1889). Jack always regretted that he and Lesley did not visit Hillside. He died in 1985 (see eulogy).

Jack with Lesley and daughter Pam (b. 1946)