The Harland diaspora
This eulogy (1985) was written and delivered by Syd Manifold, the Master of Ceremonies at the Returned Soldiers League of which Jack was a member.

Jack Harland was one of the inner circle of cousins.  Brought up in an Australian home, wherein Christian values were humbly observed, he was taught to respect the good name of Harland, and regard "Hillside" as synonymous with the family name. To this he steadfastly held throughout his entire lifetime.  His interest in the family personalities, their well-being and activities, never flagged.

But perhaps one of Jack Harland's most endearing qualities was his ability to mask the true nature of his character. Under the cavalier manner he employed to discourage anyone from undertaking a too close scrutiny of his make-up, were evidences of a man of manifest validity. The care and attention he rendered to his father was the selfless action and devotion of a dutiful son.  As a husband and father, his conduct was of an exemplary order.

From his early years he became attracted to figures as revealed by the statistical records he compiled and stored of sporting events. He recorded with meticulous  precision and aptitude ball-by-ball performances in the great Australia/England Test Match era of the 20's and 30's. It can be viewed from this that his graduation to an Accountancy career was a normal process of progression.  The unshakable testimony to his intelligence and capacity was the appearance of his name in the Queen's Honours List citing his award of the British Empire Medal for services rendered to the Victorian Public Service, and the Victorian Postal Institute.

He served his country at Tobruk, on the shores of the Mediterranean, and in New Guinea, and marched proudly every year in the Anzac Day Parade, with members of the Returned Servicemen's League.   He will be sadly missed by his family and friends, and particularly by his wife, Lesley, to whom he was a constant companion”.  

....  May 1985
Eulogy for Jack Harland (1915 - 1985)