The Harland diaspora
Many members of the Harland diaspora showed great musical talent, but only one lived his life as a  professional musician - Dermod 1963.  We are fortunate enough to have a  few recordings of Dermod’s work. Within the limited space  available on this site we can only include two examples of Dermod’s virtuosity.   These were recorded with George Masso  and the Charlie Burton Quartet in October 1996, just a few month’s before his death.  (Sources 14)
The first recording features them playing “What’s New!” by Bob Haggart.

The second recording  is of the Bryan Ferry classic “These Foolish Things” featuring Dermod as the main solo artiste.

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Two mp3 files to be added in here still
Dermod   in the title role, at the start of  his musical career, with his brother Simon (“Bill Sykes”) in the production of  ‘Oliver’ at Methodist College Belfast 1976.